The mission of the organization is providing developmental assistance to women and youths at the grassroots. To completely alleviate or eradicate poverty among rural women and youths and thereby building solidarity for development. OLADEC stands on a tripod: love, unity and women development, and progress for the family. The ultimate goal is better living standard for the poor women and the youths at the grassroots. We aim to touch lives of the poorest  women and youth in all villages in Akwa Ibom State and within Nigeria in particular, Africa and the world in general. The emphasis on women and youths is not only because they are highly vulnerable but also because it is generally accepted that “to train a man is training an individual, whereas to train a woman is training generation”. Training of the youth is insurance for tomorrow as the future of our land belongs to them; and this is shaped today.

Oladec operates a sound administrative and organizational structure. In a descending order.

The association at the village or community level is a
network of trust groups made up of 10 members Grassroots members which is the target group comprising of the rural women. This group comprises of at least ten (10) women drawn from each of the 2,250 villages in Akwa Ibom State. They hold their meetings bi- monthly in their respective villages.


The stakeholders this consists of six to ten (6-10) women which constitutes themselves leaders for each project of the organization. The function of the stakeholders is to supervise the
activities of the grassroots women or ordinary members in their Local Government  Areas./(districts)

 Zonal coordinators. The organization has 1 to 4 zonal coordinator (s).for each project within a State and they coordinate the activities of stakeholders and the grassroots women and youths.


Each State has two State Coordinator that run the state office and presides in the State Council monthly meetings that comprises of all stakeholders and Coordinators on all products within the State. They also represent the State in the  National Executive Committee.


National Executive Committee which is the National administrative unit of the organization. This is made up of the President/ Chief Executive Officer of OLADEC representing the Board of Trustee of OLADEC, the two State coordinators from each state of the country and the States and National Youth Ambassador will constitute the delegates of this National Executive Committee meeting.  
For administrative convenience, the organization has four
committee both at State and National levels namely :Production and marketing committee, Task Force Committee,Disciplinary Committee  Social Welfare Committee.

OLADEC!!!       Peace and unity,

OLADEC; !!!     Women development and

OLADEC  INTERNATIONAL !!!     Progress for our family