There is a growing concern worldwide over the prevalence of violent and non-violent conflicts on a daily basis. More worrisome is the fact that conflicts penetrate almost every facets of activity and have over the years, continued to leave devastating scars in the minds of every individuals, families and nations. Conflicts are common between siblings within the communities companies and between governments, particularly vulnerable are idle and poor youths who are unemployed out of school and without any source of livelihood.

Researchers on youth issues are increasingly aware of the existing ink between youth empowerment and the nature of the program    introduced that are geared towards resulting conflicts in modern day societies. Youth organization must adapt winning strategies that would keep youths away from conflicts. It was based on this that OLADEC resolved to adapt an empowerment approach as a tool to redress the prevalence of conflicts in Nigeria empowering youth by making available income generating activities that can assuage the fights and the beckoning that pervade the communities where youths dominate.

AIM: The essence of these projects,(ITP/ICT and Fashion and designs crash program) in the short and long term is to provide job opportunities for OLADEC male and female youths to check the prevalence of conflicts within our communities


LOCAL COMRADES:-At the grassroots level all OYC members are known as Comrades, each group has three key officers in each of the 2250 villages. The President, Secretary and Treasurer, they are called elected Councilors and they hold office for two years

 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL:-This Executive Council is made up of the 93 Councilors from the 31 LGAs of Akwa Ibom State.  These three Councilors,\are the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their meeting is presided by the OYC State Governor and assisted by a Deputy Governor.

THE GOVERNING COUNCIL They are made up of 2 members from each State within their zone and they are known as Senators, The six Goes-political zones each hold their zonal meeting ones a month, and the meeting is presided by the zonal Representative or his Deputy

this is a fourteen member committee is headed by President/CEO of OLADEC and assisted by OYC National Ambassador that coordinates the activity of the club throughout the country. She is also a member of the board of Trustee. This ruling council meeting holds four times a year except in some emergency cases, then an emergency meeting can be held


OYC !!! Progress and Prosperity          

OYC !!!  Peace in our Nation

OYC !!!  Its time for Action.

FUNDING:-As a youth wing of the Organizations, OLADEC is responsible to provide funds for the short and long term projects and programs of the club.

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