1. LEND A HAND (ITP/ICT PROGRAM) The details of this proposal is here.
  2. QUICK START (30 DAYS FASHION AND DESIGNS CRASH PROGRAM) The details of this proposal is here
  3. LIFT ME UP. African society is afflicted with gross poverty. This vice is felt in many homes in Africa. Many African governments have embarked upon measures aimed at fighting this hydra-headed menace in our society. Most of this measures end in paper work level as only lip service are paid to poverty reduction efforts with no sincerity in achieving the set goals .This implementation strategy is targeted at tackling head-on the big five factors of poverty. Women at the grassroots are organized, trained and empowered to engage in freely chosen enterprises. The goal is the production of a critical mass of grassroots entrepreneurs who will change the economic environment at the community level. The specific objectives are to create economic activities and employment opportunities at the grassroots; create a knowledgeable civil society for the reduction of the scourge of disease and apathy; and establish self confidence in the society at the grassroots. The prime focus of this implementation strategy is based on appropriate financial and non-financial inter meditations
  4. START SMALL AND GROW BIG. The details of this proposal is here
  5. FROM FARM TO MARKET. The details of this proposal is here
  6. PALM OIL REFINERY. The details of this proposal is here.
  7. MY KITCHEN MY FACTORY ( IN BELIZE). Technologies are emblematic and out of the reach of the lives of women in the developing world. Poverty is a massive problem with both global and regional causes. Yet the more new technology puts the tools of change into local hands, the more able we are to move from a model of unsustainable basic humanitarian aid to more sustainable markets and networked communities. it’s about advances that improve the daily lives of women on every community, bit by bit. New tools that are women friendly, easy to use and improve the quality and quantity of their productivity and increase profit. For example cold press coconut oil machine, they cheap and easy to use by rural women by the side of their kitchen. Details here.